Junior Life Savers Club
Nicollet County Bank is proud to offer a club specially designed for our younger savers.
We understand the importance of helping kids learn how to manage their money.
Call 931-3310 for more information, and become a Junior Life Saver at NCB today!
Each new member will receive a FREE T-shirt, membership card, Saver$ Register and Punch Card For every $5 deposit made
receive 1 punch.
Available to children 5-12 years of age
Special Junior Saver$ banking hours
After 5 punches, choose a 1st level Saver$ gift, or save your punches till you have 10 and choose a 2nd level Saver$ gift, or save your punches till you have 15 and choose a 3rd level Saver$ gift.

Maximum of 15 punches given per deposit per day.
*Existing Account Balances do not qualify for Saver$ Card Punches
Adult signature required on the account
Club Newsletter Minimum $5 Deposit to open
Fun activities and events throughout the year Valid Social Security Number
Interest Paid Quarterly Club Member signature required for withdrawals
Existing savings accounts can be transferred to a Junior Life Saver$ account* Club Member should be present for all transactions
Kids learn how to save and have fun at the same time Please make deposits and withdrawals inside the bank
Note to Parents: Be sure to read our Privacy Statement when you visit our website. We do not request or collect any personal information.